The Pickle

The "Long-distance" remote control. Control your presentation from anywhere in the world. If you do remote productions, this is THE tool for you!

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Simple to use endpoint

With a few seconds of configuration, you'll be up and running in no time! The endpoint emulates the PageUP/PageDN keys on your keyboard, so it works with almost any application

No need for user end software

The web-based remote control makes it easy to get going. No apps to install, no browser plug-ins and no hardware to buy. However, there is an available Windows client app that allows your user to user their own USB remote or keyboard

Cost effective

One, well priced, yearly subscription, that's it. Want to try it before you buy it? Download your free 15-day, fully functional DEMO. Try it today and you'll see why everyone is raving about it!

Kodak Remote

Why is it called "The Pickle"?

"The Pickle" comes from "the good ol' days" of A/V. A time when presentations were done with slide projectors. It simply means "Remote Control". In the A/V indusrty, this term was used regularly by techs and, some still do.

"He who controls the remote, controls the world"

  • Julie Garwood - Writer

The User's Remote - AKA: The Pickle

Can it be any simpler? Two buttons. Just like most wireless remote systems. The user simply logs into website and away we go! You can ask a user to go to the site or send them a link ready to go. The remote works on almost all newer browsers, including iOS, and Android!


STAY AWAKE feature that keep you device from sleeping while it's waiting for your next input!

The Pickle remote
The Pickle app

The Endpoint

The braun behind the beauty. A simple to use app that runs on windows. It allows you to connect the remote web app to any PowerPoint presentation running on the same machine as it.

Easy User Managment

Keep track of users and save their info for future use. Create custome links to send to users. yes...simple.

The Pickle remote
The Pickle app

Quick Connect

Need a QUICK way to get someone connected? Send them to the Pickle website and give them their user ID and Host ID and off you go!.


"The Pickle" pricing is based on a yearly subscription.


15 day evaluation

  • Fully functional
  • 1 Demo Host ID
  • 2 Endpoints at time (i.e. Main and backup PC)
  • Email support


$49 USD / yr

  • 1 Host ID
  • 2 Endpoints at a time
    (i.e. main and backup PC)
  • 50 User IDs
  • Priority email support
  • Annual licence


$399 USD / yr

  • 10 Host IDs
  • 2 Endpoints at a time per Host ID
    (i.e. main and backup PC)
  • Unlimited User IDs
  • Priority email support
  • Annual licence