Frequently Asked Questions

  • To operate a pickle ENDPOINT (the installable application that actually controls the LOCAL presentation) requires a Host ID. A Host ID uniquely identifies the the ENDPOINT for user to attach to. The Host ID will be attached to your purchase agreement
  • A user, identified by a User ID, uses the REMOTE (the web application or, shortly, windows app) to control the LOCAL presentation from a remote location.
  • The connection between REMOTE and ENDPOINT requires a VALID User ID AND a VALID Host ID pair.
  • The subscription entitles you to run two (2) ENDPOINTS with the SAME HOST ID AND USER ID at the same time. This allows you to run a Primary computer and a Backup with the same subscription. Any thing else is not allowed.
  • Once the ENDPOINT is installed and a Host ID add, it is saved and remains on that machine until uninstalled or changed.
  • As of the current version 1.8.10, users and User IDs are managed from the Pickle website ( So even if a Host ID is left on a machine it cannot be used if the User ID has been removed from the User list on the website.

Windows tries to keep "unauthorixed software from bein installed on your PC. To allow The Pickle to be installed you need to follow some instruction like those found on the PCWorld website.

Please refer to this page for some help - LINK: How to get past Windows Defender SmartScreen in Windows 10

We are working on an API that will allow you to creat your own remotes and attach them to our system. The release date for this is still undetermined

Sometimes network connections are interupted just long enough to cause the server to go out of sync with The Pickle. We are aware of the issue and are working on a solution to automaticall reconnect on loss of connection.

Yes you can! Just add the code below to any page you want!

<iframe src="" style="border:none; height:520px;width:500px;"></iframe>

and get

There are 2 files critical for the connection to our server:

If they are not installed correctly or in the same folder as Pickle.exe, you may have this issue. try reinstalling The Pickle to the default folder.
Or you are trying to run it on a Bootcamp Mac.

Lastly, you can try an alternate version of the libraries located in our DOWNLOADS section or directly here
Check your Host ID on your endpoint and be sure it is ALL UPPERCASE. This is a small bug that was overlooked and will be fixed in the next version.